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Looking for place to advertise your products or services? Malaysian Supermummy is here to help you!

How to advertise you ask? Here's the way:

Yes, I do provide advertorial write up for your products, services or whatever you request really. You can choose whether you want the write up to be short and sweet or long. Basically you just provide me the requirement for the write up and I will do the rest. Quotations given will be based on your specifications. For samples of advertorials that I have done in the past you can click here.  Email me at for details. 

Another way to advertise your product is to sponsor a contest in Malaysian Supermummy. You can propose a contest and sponsor your products or services. Email me and I'll show you the way!

See the Super Awesome Sponsors sidebar on your right? Well, that's where your advertisement banner is going to be. You got to display your 125 x 125 banner for only RM15 per month. How cool is that? Like the above, do email me at for more details. 

Terms & Conditions
1. All advertisers must provide full payment before advertisement is displayed.
2. Size of your advertisement must meet the above requirement which is 125 x 125. If your advertisement is bigger than that, it will automatically be shrunk to follow the above size
3. Price stated above does not include design. 

Interested to advertise but don't know how to design your banner? Worry not because I also provide banner design services! Currently for 125 x 125 banner in jpeg format, the rate is RM5. E-mail me for more info.

Why you should advertise here? Well, I guess I could give lots of reasons but I thought that would be kinda boring. I'd say go browse around Malaysian Supermummy blog and judge for yourself!

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