Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thanks goodness it's iPhone 4S, not iPhone 5!

photo from Apple website

If other Apple's fans are complaining because Apple did not unveil any iPhone 5 during Apple event yesterday, then I beg to differ because I am certainly not complaining at all!

Just because I bought a white iPhone 4 last month !
So at least takdela rasa rugi sangat.Tihihi.
I've been fuming at my previous phone which has some problems that I ended up buying myself an iPhone 4, but at the same time hating it because I was saving and waiting for an iPhone 5. So now that it's not here yet, I kind of sigh in relief. Hihihi.

But fret not Apple lovers..

The iPhone 4S is powered with dual core A5 chip, and then there's the 8MP camera with iOS5 and iCloud. This iPhone 4S also comes with Siri which is some sort of virtual assistant (not to be confused with nombor siri ya!).

Look wise, the iPhone 4S looks the same like iPhone 4 and it's available in both black and white. This brand new iPhone 4S also comes with the 64GB version besides the usual 16bg and 32gb so you can download more movies, songs, take more photos due to the bigger storage.

Will you buy one?

Well Apple claimed it's the most amazing iPhone yet!

Not sure when it's coming to our shore yet though.

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pizli said...

Aku menunggu smartphone yang ada camera yang bagus. So far Nokia N8 tapi aku taknak nokia so maybe aku consider 4S ni. Aku jugak nak HD video yg cantik..

Intan said...

pizli, fisya baru beli n8 tu.dahla baru beli..ari tu dia download something kena virus pulak. bengang dia..kehkeh..tu la aku suruh beli iphone taknak..ha ko belila iphone ni. aku suka iphone sbb byk apps dan yg penting anak2 aku pon suka juga..kehkeh

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