Monday, October 3, 2011

Hari Raya in IKEA when it's not even Hari Raya month anymore

It all started with an SMS from my old university friend Ropol (of course not her real name la kan!) inviting the bunch of us for dinner at IKEA. She actually just gave birth to a handsome baby boy named Musa. For a person who named both her kids using 3 mouthful words, I thought her baby's name is really unique since it's only Musa!

I was really excited since I haven't seen Ropol in quite a long time, well the last time was back in July during Almira's birthday party. So there I was on Friday evening, braving through the Friday jam and rain, rushing home after work. Surprisingly, me who are usually late is the earliest who arrive at IKEA! I dragged my sister along since I don't think it's possible for me to handle Mira and Husayn alone out in the public.

Here's my friend Ropol holding her little baby who is comeyyyy ongott ongotttt! (translation: comel sangat sangat=uber cute)

Initially Husayn said that he didn't want to follow me to IKEA, but of course I dragged him along. He had a good time jumping and playing around and I'm glad that I brought him along!

Clockwise: Baby Musa with Baby Tihany, yours truly with a surprisingly good behaviour Almira, Baby Musa with his hip hop look and Husayn.

I just realised that Husayn is actually the oldest kid there! Husayn used to be so afraid of people and will cry or refuse to meet and mix with people he rarely meet. But, I'm glad that he's all grown up now and he mixes around better even with people that he just met.

I was surprised that Almira who is usually so restless was actually well behaved during the dinner. Maybe she was entranced with all the kids and babies surrounding her? I hid her shoes in my handbag though since I was too lazy to chase her around. Heheh.

Maryam was my friend - Afni's kids. I saw her running really fast and Afni was chasing behind her. And yes, she actually came with that handbag sitting prettily on her shoulder and I think she will make a gorgeous fashionista when she grows up! Oh, she can shuffle too!

The whole lot of us had a great night gossipping and catching up with our lives. Looking back, I thought it was ironic since we all used to be so carefree during our university days and now here we are, not so free anymore with kids in tow. I mean back then all we gossiped about was our crush or our boyfriend, and now we mostly gossiped about our kids and how they have make our lives a riot! Well, at least in my case it's true..haha.

It was my first time where the IKEA guard has to show us the way out since we were the last customer left there. It was late that the elevator and the escalator was not even working anymore.

Thank you Ropol for inviting all of us and for belanja-ing us as well. Hopefully we'll meet again soon!

*some photos are courtesy of Mr Ropol aka Joe

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Nurul Aula said...

This is great i think i should try to organize this again.
Such a merry event.. :) hehe

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