Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Almira's first LRT train ride, splashing in the KLCC pool and Bisou Cupcakes!

Almira had her first LRT train rain last Sunday. I was skeptical at first thinking whether I was 'strong' enough to handle Almira during the LRT train ride knowing how restless and cerewet she can be, I even nearly drive to KLCC, which by the way is the destination for that day.

But then after much deliberation I decided I am braving my little girl's throwing tantrum and restless cries, so off to the LRT we go! Of course I dragged my sister along because handling two kids on my own for a few hours - are you mad? Haha.

Husayn was behaving himself inside the LRT but keep saying "mama..kita ni tengah naik keretapi dinosaur ke?" - thanks to the dinosaur cartoon at Astro Ceria. Thankfully, we all managed to get seats for ourselves.

As for Almira, she was a little bit blur at first, but her eyes kept scanning around looking at people. She saw a few Bangladeshi guys and suddenly she started squirming and muttering "tatutt! tatutt" which means she was afraidlah.

As soon as we reached KLCC, we went to Roti Buy to buy a few rotis since we just cannot resist the heavenly smell! And then as promised to Husayn the day before, we rushed off to the KLCC Park and hit the pool! Well, actually only Husayn hit the pool - but the day was so hot (it was 11.30am what do I expect!) that I wish I can jump into the pool too!

It was Husayn's first time at the KLCC pool and he had a splashing gooood time!

My usually shy shy cat son met a friend too!

While me and Almira struts besides the pool with the camera! Almira was down with flu so she stayed outside the pool. She had a good time munching the roti boy while running around near the pool though.

Almira was crying in the below pic since I actually forced her so I can take her photo! She really hates the glaring sun that she keeps crying whenever I stop to take photos. Most of the time she hides under the shades of her stroller while wearing a cap so she's all good.

After playing at the park, the kids were hungry and exhausted so we went to KFC for our lunch. I haven't been to KLCC for quite some time so I was a little bit lost there. I realised that the Toys R Us was not at its usual place and I went to Sephora for the first time! Didn't buy anything though but had a good time browsing and playing with the make up and stuff in Sephora.

We also went to Kinokuniya - but not to buy any books, but because I want to give Almira's chance to help rearrange the books there!

Seriously this litle girl is one avid rearranger that you should see my room. It's an absolute mess!

She managed to ride one of the rides in KLCC...

...and me managed to buy 4 cupcakes from Bisou! Absolutely deliciousssss! But look what happens to the cupcakes during the LRT rides..everything has gone upside down but still, it still tastes good!

The LRT ride back to home was exhausting but we had a good time. The LRT was full, but one good Samaritan has given up her seat - because she saw me holding Almira. I was thankful for that since I don't think I can stand holding her too long.

All in all, it was a fun Sunday, hope you had a good one too!

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Che Ta said...

salam intan!
nice experience. i remember i konon2 nk have 'girl's day out' with my 2yr old doter while pregnant with my 2nd child. didnt bring the stoller since she can walk oredi but she ended up having blister sebab pakai kasut baru n i had to carry her around!!! bought her socks since cant find good n decent (read:murah!) shoes to replace the shoes.. huhu mmg serik la. even now my 2 girls dah boleh berlari and main sembunyi2 laaaaaaagi i refuse to take them out if hubby not around!

Twiggy said...

awww what fun!!!
i reeeaally should plan a day out like this some time soon :D

btw, i've made my blog official, do drop by ok? :)

Nurul Aula said...

Intresting. I have been planing this day out for quite sometime. I think about time to execute huhu:)
Tq for the sharing.

Little Miss Butterscotch said...

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Admin said...
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Noor Diana Tumpang said...

Hellooo....ur blog always give an idea to handle my kids

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