Monday, September 26, 2011

This used to be my playground

Finally we have a playground that is actually proper for kid to play around in front of the house! The playground in front of my parents' house is actually the very same playground that I used to play around back when I was a little kid myself. But as I grew up and that very same playground aged, the play area was dirty, dog poops were everywhere and honestly I refuse to let either Husayn or Almira played around the area due to its poor condition.

When I saw the initial construction for the new playground, I was excited because this means my kids can run around in the playground area again!

Husayn and Almira were super excited seeing the slides and the swingset. Though to tell you the truth my usually self boasted son who is so full of big talk this and that is actually afraid of hopping on the swingset!

Almira who was wearing her brother's old shoes was running around like this is the first time she got out of the house!

Husayn's favourite is of course the slides. The playground was empty so he had a whale of time shouting around and jumping all around the place.

The playground was quite wet when we came since it was raining a few hours before. So we came prepared with kain buruk to wipe all the wetness away! But to my utter disgust and horror, we stumbled upon dog poop near the new playground area. Lately we had a few stray dogs around this area and no offense but I really hate to see these dogs ruining the shiny new playground!

Despite just got back from the playground, this little girl of mine of course cannot seems to stop climbing everywhere. She's making me nervous though with all this climbing everywhere thingy especially with the above plastic chair. Can you imagine if she topple over? My goodness, and I thought girl is supposed to be playing with dolls and all those girly stuff!

Guess I was wrong..

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NM02 said...

ai follow yu

meh follow ai pulak

kalu tidak

ai serang yu kat tingkat 15


pizli said...

Macam aku selalu cakap pada orang, aku ingatkan baby girl ni kurangla sikit lasaknya, rupa2nya sama je..

Intan said...

ahkak blogger femes,
dah folo dah...jangan serang2 plis.hahah

ya betul! aku rasa sbb dia ada abang tu yg dia camtu kot.kalau yg sulung tu girl maybe dia sopan sikit, mcm aku ni ha. hahaha

pizli said...


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