Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The real difference between baby boy and baby girl

It's a Girl!
Raising a little lady? Then prepare to gab with your girl. Whether they're trying to maintain eye contact with you as newborns (research shows they excel at this more than infant boys) or saying their first words sooner, girls thrive on communicating with you. You can expect all or some of the below characteristics to blossom in your baby girl.

Honestly I can't remember whether my son or my daughter excels more in trying to maintain eye contact when they were newborns. But this little lady of mine sure excels at picking on her nose!

Ask her "Mira, hidung mana hidung?"
She will grin at point at her nose and then start picking her nose.

They're made to mimic.
As early as three hours of age, girls excel at imitation, a precursor to back-and-forth interaction. In a study conducted last year, newborn girls did better than boys in trying to copy finger movements. As toddlers, girls zoom ahead of boys on imitative behaviors such as pretending to take care of a baby but, interestingly, are no different from little guys when it comes to pretending to drive a car or water the plants, actions that are much less about human interaction.

Oh my little girl works well in mimicking everybody alright. Her favourite person besides me is of course her brother. So everything her big brother do she will follow fearlessly.

I found her in the pic below terrorizing her big brother's toys! Who taught her that?


They're good with their hands. Infant girls exceed boys when it comes to fine motor tasks, a head start that will stick with them until preschool. They're faster to manipulate toys; they use eating utensils sooner; and they write sooner (and more neatly), too.

Masya Allah, this little lady is not only good with her hands, but she makes good use of her feet too! I was watching the tv when suddenly there was a loud banging noise behind me and I found that she has actually succesfully toppled over the mighty baby hammock aka buai tempat dia tidur with her bare hands!

I was again somewhere in front of the tv when I found her lying on her back while kicking furiously at the toys off the table for no reason. Must be because I was still playing futsal when I was pregnant with her - without knowing that I was pregnant of course!

And she also loves rummaging through the clean laundry and throwing it everywhere to my mother's utter horror!

Climbing is of course not a problem. THe only problem that I most afraid of is if she slips accidentally off that chair. Behave please, Almira!

They like face time. Girls are more likely to establish and maintain eye contact, and are attracted to individual faces -- especially women's. They're also more skilled at reading emotional expressions; if shown a frightening face, for example, they'll look at Mom or get distressed, but they'll be fine if they see a happy one. Boys take longer to notice the difference, according to a meta-analysis of 26 studies on kids' capacity to recognize facial expressions.

It's true that Mira notices more if I was showing that angry face of mine compared to Husayn. But it doesn't mean if she notices she will do anything about it. She will usually laugh it off and continued whatever it is she was doing or else she will start merajuk-ing and throwign tantrum if I refuse to let her do whatever it is she wanted to do.

Only 1 year old 2 months but already like this? But don't worry mama loves u still both Husayn and Almira but please have mercy!

*all in blue font are taken from parenting.com

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