Monday, September 26, 2011

My favourite part of Hari Raya is Hari Raya Open House!

Hari Raya Open House is one of my favourite part of Hari Raya! Obviously it's because of the food, but when you had too many open houses, you end up doing businesses in the toilet more than you usually had, but still that won't deter you from attending more open house!

This year despite me and husband being ten thousand miles apart, I still make an effort to attend open houses, with Google Map as my best friend. On Saturday alone, we went to three open houses and my tummy had a whale of time. Yummy!

We went to husband's cousins house. Husayn was throwing tantrum like the usual of course (he doesn't particularly like going beraya to my husband's relatives houses. I BLAME MY HUSBAND FOR THIS.haha). My daughter is of course an angel like the usual, she played around and ended up falling asleep which makes me easier to eat and eat. Hihi.

During the night we went to my auntie's house which is like only 10 minutes drive from my house.

Me and the kids dressed to the nines in our baju kurung and baju Melayu which we previously wear during the first day of Raya. After all if we didn't wear it now, I also don't know when we will wear the outfits again.

My auntie's house is full of his son's toys, so I wandered into the toy room and found Almira eating out the diving equipment.

As my mom and dad eat and eat, I was so full I only eat the soto instead!

I couldn't remember whether Husayn did eat or not since he was excited playing around with the toys of course.

We stayed the night at my auntie's house and I found out that Almira was down with fever that Sunday morning! So kesian since she actually just got her fever 2 weeks ago. And now she got fever again due to the rainy weather.

Husayn loves the pool and jumping around with his uncles!

While my one year old daughter strutted around the pool wearing her glittery ballerina shoes:)

Look at my son's tulang belakang. Bukti yang dia memang kurus sebenarnya. Haha.

And finally the shower after spending hours in the pool!

It was a good weekend, hope you all have a good one too! Bye!

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