Thursday, September 29, 2011

A mother's biggest nightmare

This is one of a mother's biggest nightmare:


Car thief drives off with baby on board

KUALA LUMPUR: Carjackers took a vehicle from a woman without realising that her baby boy was still inside.

In the 9.15pm incident yesterday, Ong Ming Chiang, 26, was driving from Jalan Kuching to Selayang when her Honda Accord was hit from behind.

When she pulled over to check the damage, four men rushed out of their car and held her.

One of the carjackers then drove off in her car with her 14-month-old son in the back seat.

The other three men left Ong and fled in their car.

She stopped a taxi and used the driver's handphone to call her husband Ong Yong Ming, 27.

Both of them tried to call her mobile phone, which was still in her car, in an effort to inform the carjackers about the baby. However, there was no answer.

The couple later received a call from a man who found their son strapped to his baby seat outside a restaurant, about 2km from the crime scene.

The carjackers must have left the mother's mobile phone with the baby on purpose after discovering the young passenger.

Yong Ming said he and his wife were thankful their baby was not harmed.

The couple later lodged a report at the Sentul police headquarters.

**from The Star today

Since husband left to mencari rezeki up up and away, over the sea, of course I am usually the one who ferried my kids from home to the babysitter's, and then from the babysitter's back to home. Sometimes when I have work to do and have to go back later than 7pm, the kids also have to go back late - not that late to orang muda la, but still....And then reading the above kind of stories, of course I got scared. After all Jalan Kuching is very near to my officem though I don't actually use that road to go home.

But still despite myself driving a meagre Proton Persona, you'll never know what type of lunatic is out there especially living in the Klang Valley area. So ladies, especially ladies who drive alone with kids in tow, please please be careful.


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yatie chomeyl said...

man, this is so scary. mak baby tu mesti dah hanur luluh hati risaukan baby dia, kereta dh x pentin masa tu..yg pntg baby selamat, ye dak?

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