Friday, August 12, 2011

Almira is finally taking her first step!

Almira started crawling very fast when she was nearly 7 months old. And so I was expecting her to start her first step early.

Maybe she will make that first step by 10 months old. Or 11, well in all honesty I was expecting her to start walking at least earlier than Husayn who started walking at 13 months old. And so me, my parents, my babysitter waited and waited..

Guess when did she finally make that first step? It felt like ages but finally she started walking at 13 months old - just like her brother! Look at her lugging my bag around. I guess being a girl, this daughter of mine loves bags (more like she loves discovering the contents inside the bag actually), jewellery like necklace and bracelet and will smile her sweetest smile everytime I say "cantiknya anak mama ni!" Haha.

I also just found out that Mira can ride the tolocar by herself, using that quickie feet of hers. But of course when Husayn saw her riding that tolocar, he will always come and make himself comfortable sitting behind Almira.

And this little girl is also a fan of climbing the sofa. To me it is kinda scary especially when I was sometimes too tired and ended up sleeping and when I suddenly jolted awake I found her grinning cheekily while standing on top of the sofa.

Adakah kau feeling macam standing on the eyes of the world anakku?

After all there are a few incidents where I accidentally fell asleep and she ended up falling with a loud thud on the floor while crying. Thank God Almira wasn't hurt but husband was mad at me for falling asleep and leaving her playing around with Husayn. I'm so guilty I know :(

Oh well, Happy Weekend! This year's Ramadhan passed by so fast I can't believe the fasting is halfway through already.

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pizli said...

Aku ingatkan dia dah lama jalan sebab hari tu aku mcm nampak gambar dia berdiri kut..

Nawal lagi lambat intan.. 14 bulan..

Che Ta said...

we mothers mmg kalau tido tak lelap kan.. kejap2 terkejut jaga menggelabah cari anak..hehe
btw my doters both jalan at 14mth. and this boy pun tatau la bila, dah setahun dah pon.
eh i nak copy resepi cekelat you tu lah. nk impress org kampung i raya ni hahahahha

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