Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random entry adalah apabila tak sempat nak update blog

You must understand, I'm not lazy to update this blog.

I'm just either pre-occupied, too tired or sleepy! I'm okay if I only have 5 readers and all the said 5 are actually relatives, I mean it's my own fault I'm bad at updating this blog after all.

This is random updates with random photos of my precious..Much love!

Honestly I'm too lazy to bath Almira like the above photo. That one is my mother's doing and Almira totally love it! Husayn loves it too because that means he can kacau Almira and at the same time 'accidentally' splash himself with the water. As for me I usually bath Almira in the kitchen sink and she will always refuse to part ways with the water.

This is my youngest sister who is currently on long holiday. And thanks to that long holiday, I have no problem bringing my kids to the mall during the weekend because I have two extra 'bibik'! Both are my sisters of course and what's the best way to return the favour for taking care of Husayn and Almira than treating them at some nice place where we can eat and gossip.

Husayn : Mama! oooo Mama!

*I was eating something in the kitchen so I didn't say anything*

Husayn : Mamaaaaaa!

*I heard him but I continued my munching anyway*

Husayn : Mama! Mama tu takde mulut ke?


Ok, he was actually repeating my ayat since I usually said that to him when he just ignored me. But still...

Suneo is Husayn's first sand art though honestly I hate Suneo. I don't also like Nobita because he's too sissy. Heheh. I like Doraemon though since Doraemon has that pintu suka hati! Best ooo

Lately Almira love to test my patience. Especially at night. And when I'm so tired that I want to sleep and do nothing else. But she always, always refuse to sleep. She crawls everywhere, munching stuff that she should not munch, lying on top of her brother forcing him to wake up and will give me the cheeky scrunchy nose smile whenever I start babbling away.

Oh by the way, the hat she's wearing in the photo is not actually a hat, it's a musical instrument that I supposedly create when I went away to my office's teambuilding course.

Tak percaya..cuba tengok gambar kat bawah ni..

I nearly scalded my fingers because I accidentally glue gunned my own fingers, and when I got home, proudly giving the little drum to Husayn, he started destroying the thing to my utter dismay. Urgh.

This is me and my sister at Sunway Pyramid. Husayn was throwing tantrums in the above photo so what's a mommy should do? I forced him to sit in the stroller and continue his sulking there.

Well hope you all have a terrific Tuesday! Bye.

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