Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift and buying tickets online

When I thought of Bon Jovi it makes me reminisce of our old house in Kota Bharu. The reason for that is because our next door neighbour usually played Bon Jovi's Always at full blast and me and my auntie will start wondering what's with this guy playing Bon Jovi over and over?

There's nothing wrong in listening to Bon Jovi. In fact, I myself would like to confess that I own a few Bon Jovi's albums and my all time favourite Bon Jovi's song is "I'll be there for you". I prefer Bon Jovi than Scorpion any day and should Bon Jovi come to Malaysia, I might be one of the first queuing to buy that Bon Jovi tickets!

Now another artiste that I would like to see have a concert in Malaysia is Taylor Swift. By the way she will be playing in Allstate Arena in the USA in August and her Allstate Arena tickets in the States is already available online. Honestly I kinda jealous of Taylor Swift since she's a big star and gorgeous, not to mention super talented too! How unfair is that! Haha.

Speaking of buying tickets, it's nice to know that nowadays you can easily buy tickets online. Whether it's Joel Osteen tickets, New Orleans Saints tickets, or Chicago Theatre Tickets you can buy it without needing to endure long queues. A few clicks of your mouse and ta-da, you've got the tickets of your choice!

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