Monday, May 30, 2011

Reasons why I've not been updating this blog

I'm so lost the last few weeks I can't find the way to my blog.

I'm busy.

I've been away for 2 courses the whole days I've been missing so that's makes me kinda lazy.

Well, actually I am still lazy it's hard not to slap myself but I force myself to update today. Or else I'm not going to update anymore once I got suck into this lazyness abyss.

Ok heres goes some updates on the kiddos. Husayn has been attending classes at Alimkids so lately he has been doing quite a few arts stuff at home.

I made him do a collage of his own name two weeks ago. It actually took two days to finish that since his name is quite long and he has a short attention span and don't like concentrating on doing the art stuff only for a certain period of time.

He's been familiarising himself with the glue (and no..I don't mean snorting the glue kind!)

..and also learning how to cut using the scissorts. I bought a pair of kiddies scissors at a nearby stationary shop in order to avoid cutting with scissors incident. The above scissors are suppose to cut ONLY paper and nothing else. But honestly I really hate the above scissors! Kadang-kadang agak susah untuk potong. Sheesh!

And this little princess who will turn 11 months this Wednesday has a new hobby which is climbing up the stairs! Drive me crazy at times since she will wakes up at 5 in the morning while I was still sleeping and start climbing up the stairs. Alone. Argh!

I left her for 3 days when I went to a course at Janda Baik and I found her to be more mengada ngada when I got back.

And she loves putting everything into her mouth. Among the things that I found so far - eraser, coins, little construction toys of her brother, newspaper, plain paper. I guess I'm lucky she hasn't swallowed anything so far but the things that she munch without me knowing is scaring me! So now we are being careful what are left around the house.

Lately I've been feeling kinda lethargic and sometimes found myself not wanting to come to the office at all. Maybe I should take a few months break? Well, I'm still thinking since a few months break means no gaji at all, but really I do value my own sanity much more and I guess a lot of things are possibilities.

And I wear my wedding ring today just because I miss my other half so much!

Until then, bye bye!

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