Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making dadih on hot scorching day

The last few days, the weather has been totally scorching hot! So what's a regular girl who doesn't have any air-con at home should do?

Make some dadih of course!

I went to Speedmart and saw the below Sweet Corn Dadih. Never made any before using this one, but I thought there's no harm in trying! After all even if it doesn't turn out well, I will only rugi RM4.80 only! Haha.

All you have to prepare besides the above serbuk dadih is a can of evaporated milk ( I used Ideal) and if you want you can also include fruit cocktail ( didn't have any at home, so I didn't add any).

First, boil 3 litre of water with the whole lots of evaporated milk and 100gm of sugar. Of course good old me who only went to the kitchen like 3 times a year to cook feels too lazy to measure that 100gm of sugar. So instead I pour the sugar as many as I like and then I kept tasting the mix. If it taste alright, then I stop lah.

Stir and stir and then let the mix boil. Once it shows sign of boiling ,turn off the api immediately.

Now, pour the whole pack of the serbuk dadih into the mix. And stir together for like 5 minutes until it mix well.

Pour the mix into any mold or bekas or tupperware.

I only have this whole lots of plastic container at home, so I use this one.

And then put the whole container in the refrigerator!

Not sure eaxctly how long will it takes, but I made the above around 5pm, and around 8 something pm, the dadih is ready to served!

The verdict as quoted by Husayn " sedapnya maaa dadih ni!" Haha. Bukan aku kata, Husayn yang kata. But personally I thought next time I do this, I might want to put less water since the dadih is quite easily breakable. It still taste good though! Yummms!

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sesemut said...

oh dadih... sedapnyerrrr..
i pon masak guna yang sama.. tapi i kurangkan gula.. sebab macam over manis selalunya...
another trick, instead guna ideal, terus pakai condensed milk. bancuh secukup rasa then tuang.
( gila pemalas )

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