Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crafty Art Market at Jaya One

Happy Belated Labour Day! So how didcha spend your labour day weekend? Me who has husband located far,far away of course stay in the Klang Valley vicinity. But I was so excited since Husayn started his AlimKids class on Saturday!

And surprisingly, my super cerewet son loves that class and insya Allah we will continue to attend the AlimKids together. Didn't manage to take any photos during the class though, but I like the class' approach which emphasises on being a good Muslim. It's also a good preparation for him before attending kindy next year.

After his class, we went to Jaya One since I would like to check out the Crafty Art Market. But we went to Wendy's first since we were kinda hungry.

Basically Crafty Art Market is all about handmade stuff. There's a variety of stuff sold there - accessories, toiletries, clothes, hats - basically anything that are handmade!

I bought Almira's hairclip from Mimpi Murni, super el cheapo bracelet at only RM12 (they were selling 3 for RM30 and I am kicking myself right now because I should have bought 3! ruginyaa), Husayn's hat from Okinokiyo (it was my first time meeting Mai and was astounded seeing her handmade sun hats collection! Too bad I totally forgot to take pics of her and her collection of sun hats!)

Oh and I did buy Almira a baju kurung too from Snazzy n Such. I was ooh ahhing over the baju kurung since it was too cute to resist and you can see that I have forced Almira to try the baju kurung as soon as I got home!

I also just realised that I can fit my head into Husayn's sun hat! Goodness, is my son's head too big or my head's getting smaller?

See the makcik in pink who keep bugging her brother?

All in all we had a great time at the Crafty Art Market!

6 superstars:

Okinokiyo said...

hahahha tu la yg i terkejut he can fit the bigger size!

So, kalau Husayn takmo pakai, you pakai lahh hehhehe thanks dear!!

Intan said...

mai..takde can la i nak pakai..dia je yg nak pakai memanjang..kehkeh..tu yg i try tu pon siap berebut2 dgn dia..kehkeh..tp mmg sukaaa ur sun hats collection! insya Allah nanti nak beli for my daughter pulak bila dia dah 1 yr old and above sbb skarang ni dia asyik buang apa2benda yang ada atas kepala dia.kehkeh

Qaseh Aishah said...

comelnya almira...rasa mcm dah nak dekat je raya...heheheh..

Intan said...

qaseh, tu konon2 mmg beli utk raya tapi maknya ni terover excited terus pakaikan je..haha

Tinn Tinn said...

omg.. comelnya.. bole email me ur cute baby picture tu tak?? u nak letak watermarks pun takpe.. :) email me at snazzynsuch@gmail.com. (thank you!!)

btw, thanks so much for dropping by.. :)

Intan said...

tinn tinn..i dah email..hope u dapat eh..

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