Monday, April 11, 2011

Sorry I'm just emotionally wreck today

Today is my eldest, Husayn's birthday. Today my Husband went off to the Middle East for 6 months. In a way it is bitter sweet. But mostly I am sad. I am just one sad, whiny, needy person I know, but please excuse me since the longest I have been away from Husband is one week.

I miss waking him up in the morning and have our little morning fight since I usually runs late.

I miss the silence in the car.

I miss the body warmth next to me and the hugs that come after.

I miss seeing him having playful banter with our kids.

I just miss him already I may appear strong to you on the outside, but in reality I am crumbling inside.

Sorry I'm just emotionally wreck today.

Bye bye.

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Siti Fatimah said...

Happy Birthday Husayn's :)
Semoga Menjadi Anak Yg Soleh And Jgn Noty2 Amin...
on the half intan be strong and take care yeah i believe u can handle it!!!

~ Lady ell ~ said...

happy birthday Husayn!!

Intan..6 bulan tu kejap kata makin jauh makin sayang...

Intan said...

aminn...thank you for the wishes! yee..saya juga berharap saya akan berjaya menjadi strong! kehkeh

lady ell,
thank you for the wishes juga! tu la..di harap 6 bulan berlalu dgn cepat..kehkeh

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