Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The kids and I are alright.

Somebody asked me how am I holding up after Husband has jetted off to Oman.

It's been a week and I'm fine, we're fine. (no demam rindu for me and the kids whatsoever, we're strong people! muahaha).

Only difference is I have to wake up earlier since nobody will be looking after Baby Almira when I'm in the toilet, and this little princess usually wakes up at 5.30 - 6am! Not to mention that she doesn't want to be breastfeed, instead she will go circling the bed, and I'm afraid if I continue sleeping while she's circling the bed, she will fall off the bed!

Hello, I'm Almira and I like to wake up early in the morning and I am my mama's alarm clock!

It's so high up here! I'm standing in the eyes of the world!

Inilah aktiviti Almira yang membuatkan mama terpaksa bangun awal setiap pagi. Geram sunggguhhh

Husayn has been his usual self, maybe a little bit more ganas than usual since husband is not around to marah him. I do yell at Husayn, but honestly if Husayn can retaliated back against my mother who I used to be so afraid of when I was kid with his deafening shouting, then of course he's not afraid of me and my yelling at all.

His eyes will water a bit if I pinch him in the thigh though. Heheh. I don't really care what all those new age mother says, but sometimes a pinch or two is what these kids need to behave themselves.

For me when Husayn started throwing tantrum, I will go "soft spoken mama" reprimanding him in moderate tone..
but he usually doesn't listen so I go "raising voice mama" mode. ..
If there is still no changes I'll go "yelling mama" mode...
but if it doesn't work I'll just pinch him in the thigh!

One of the thing that I hate doing when Husband is not around is that I have to fill the car petrol myself. Honestly I have been driving for a few years and I have only really successfully fill the car petrol once only. Other than that it's usually husband who did that or if the situations are really pressing, I asked for the Bangla workers help at the petrol station. Haha, that was embarassing.

All in all, we are holding on alright and thanks goodness I live with my parents so they do help and so do my siblings when they are around, but still can't wait 'til Husband comes home...which will be in don't know how many months time? Lama sungguh masa nak berlalu.....*sigh*

2 superstars:

AZANI said...

woiyoo,jaga jaga intan, dia nak naik klcc tu...

Intan said...

hahaha..kalau nak naik klcc ikut lif atau tangga ok la..maknya pun bole join sekali sbb nak shopping.tapi kalau macam frenchman yang ala2 spiderman yg panjat klcc ke kl tower tu melampau la pulak..haha

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