Monday, April 18, 2011

I wish I can eat a lot and still have Gwen Stefani awesome abs!

Ever take a peek at your own trash? I usually take a look at mine which is the one at the office. And guess what is inside?

It's always food trash since I don't know why but lately I eat a lot. Last Friday it went like this:

7.00am - Nestle Fitnesse cereal with low fat milk

9.00am - The whole bar of Picnic chocolate (I loveee la this one!)

10.00am - 2 packs of Gardenia's Roti Jagung

10.30am - 6 packs of Jacob's Apple Biscuits (1 pack = 2 biscuits. So 6 x 2 = 12 biscuits!)

12.30pm - Lunch at Secret Recipe with Lasagna, Blended ice Lemon tea and a slice of carrot cake that didn't look 'a slice' at all! This must be a conspiracy for me to go all fatty bum bum!
Hello lasagna. You look delicious! Tapi lasagna Secret Recipe ni ada minyak bertakungan kat atas tu. Tapi ok la untuk menghilangkan lapar siap ada bun panas.
Lepas tu tamakkan...order jugak satu slice carrot cake Secret Recipe yang kusangka kecil saja, rupanya besar juga! Tapi suka topping dia. Nyehehe.

And then at 3.00pm- Another 3 packs of Jacob's Apple Biscuits


I've started taking the Jamu Mak Dara again last week and I don't know whether the jamu triggered all this humongous appetite. And the jamu was supposed to make me feel all energetic but why I still feel tired and sleepy. *yawn*

But don't worry, for this week and next week I won't be eating as much as I usually did because I am fasting today and insya Allah for the whole of this week and next week too! I actually got 17 days of fasting to ganti and I hope that I will manage to survive the whole 17 days unscathed.

So puan-puan, have you puasa ganti yet? Cepat- cepat sebelum terlambat!ahahha

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