Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I just found out Red Riding Hood is so freaking similar like Twilight

I watched Red Riding Hood the other day and it was just so eerily familiar like Twilight that you feel like knocking some sense into Catherine Hadwicke head and said to her "wahai puan director, takde idea lain dah ke?" Yes, Red Riding Hood is directed by Catherine Hadwicke who also directed Twilight. Amanda Seyfried plays Valerie - the girl with the Red Riding Hood who is caught in a love triangle and a werewolf. So what's the similarity between Red Riding Hood and Twilight besides sharing the same director? Here goes: 1. Love triangle In Twilight you have Bella having to choose between Edward and Jacob but in Red Riding Hood it's between Henry and Peter.

Mu suko Peter ke?

..ataupun mu suko Henry?

Aku suka Henry sebab rasa macam muka Peter tu pelik dengan tiru rambut Robert Pattinson tak jadi. Tapi Red Riding Hood suka Peter. Isk apalah..mungkin puan pengarah dah tersalah letak watak ni kot...hahah

2. Identical dads

Billy Burke plays Bella's dad in Twilight, and then Billy Burke again plays Valerie's dad in Red Riding Hood. Why only Billy Burke? Why?

3. Same emo, pulsing, gothic soundtrack

Not that emo, pulsing gothic soundtrack is bad since I myself am guilty of listening to those kinds of music at times, but really Quentin Tarantino did not use the same type of music when he's directing Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill so maybe Catherine Hadwicke can learn from that?

4. Did they use the same script too?

I don't know who did the script but it's just so sad. I mean not sad in tear jerker way, but more like sad in I can't wait 'till this movie is over way. And what's up with a few similar lines that I heard in Twilight and then get repeated again in Red Riding Hood?

5. Gloomy town and atmosphere

The atmosphere, colour or whatever you call it in Red Riding Hood is just too similar to small town Forks in Twilight.

The only thing that kept me going in this movie is guessing who the real werewolf is. But I got so impatient half way through and ended up googling the answer!

Would I recommend you to watch this movie? I have two answers for that.

Yes, please do watch this movie if you:

a) want to see how similar Red Riding Hood and Twilight is (and if you still haven't watch Twilight yet, of course you gotta watch that one to compare kan)

b) love Amanda Seyfried and her super sexy luscious lips and big eyes

No, if you're looking for movie with good lines, good acting and good ending.

The only thing missing from this Catherine Hadwicke movie is the vampire. Tak percaya tengoklah Official Trailer Red Riding Hood ni..

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