Thursday, April 28, 2011

Husayn, William and Kate

I just found out that I can change the setting of my camera to the above type of scene! I'm so ignorance and lazy I guess because usually I just use the automatic setting. Don't get me wrong, I love all those wonderful pics snapped using DSLR but I'm just not rajin enough to lug those big ass heavy DSLR around. Heheh.

Husayn is going to be attending the AlimKids playgroup in PJ starting this Saturday and I'm so excited to see how he's going to respond. The class is going to be for one hour only and besides Husayn familiarising himself with school and socialising with other kids, I think the playgroup will also be a good bonding time between me and Husayn. After all, lately I think I've been yelling at him too much and sometimes I guess I feel kinda guilty because I've been busy with Almira.

But still, how on earth do I refrain from yelling at Husayn when he pinch Almira's chubby cheeks like that!
Anyway I found this cute paper dolls made to commemorate the royal wedding:

Suka this one since it reminds me that I used to play this paper doll when I was a kid! But why the thinning of Prince William's hair? I thought he was quite handsome a few years ago but now he looks kinda old. Cannot wait to see Kate Middleton's wedding dress! Hopefully not as super big puffy like Princess Diana's when she married Prince Charles.

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pizli said...

Membesar dengan sihat ye Almira tu hehe..

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