Saturday, April 30, 2011

The beautiful dress, the quirky hats and the grumpy face

A few things happened yesterday. There was the Maroon 5 concert at KL, the sumpah laknat thing by the Datuk Trio at a mosque in Sentul and it was also the day of the royal wedding!

I did not manage to catch the live telecast since obviously I was at work. But when I got home, one look at Kate Middleton's radiant face and I was hooked!

I thought Princess Diana was more beautiful than her, but Kate Middleton on her wedding day looked so radiant and did you know that she actually did her own make up! It was reported that she did her own makeup after receiving lessons from a make up artist, but still, come to think of it would any bride in Malaysia at least would want to do their own make up after learning the how to from Nurul Shukor for instance?

Even Kate's younger sister looked stunning too and love the floral hairpiece!

Photo from Bellasugar

And then of course the assorted collections of hats for the female guests to the royal wedding.

I kept seeing these two are actually William's cousins - Princess Beatrice and Eugenie in their eclectic hats. My mom even said that the one that Beatrice wore (on the right) looks like tanduk rusa while some said it looks like an octopus! LOL.

And here's a photo of our very own Tuanku Nur Zahirah departing for the royal wedding yesterday. Not sure whether she did don any hat during the wedding or not.

Here's Victoria Beckham looking so pregnant attending the royal wedding! She looks stylish like always but I can't help thinking that her ensemble looks to funeral-ish.

And did you realise, as William and Kate sealed their wedding with a kiss in front of the crowd, there's one little girl looking grumpy standing in front of them while holding her hands over her ears. She's only 3 years old, and actually William's god daughter - but I thought in the midst of the wedding cheers, she looks cute and kinda funny standing with her face grumpy like that. Awww.

Hope this wedding is a happily ever after for William and Kate!

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pizli said...

Tak tau kenapa tapi aku rasa ini adalah true love haha.. Kate Middleton bukan suka dia sebab dia raja..

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