Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby & Daddy Moment Contest aka I remember I thought you looked like an angel wrapped in pink so soft and warm

*Baby Almira, 9 months old who's currently missing her abah so bad, since mama refused to carry and hold her to sleep and keep complaining the little princess has gained lotsa weight!

Gotta hold on easy as I let you go
Gonna tell you how much I love you
Though you think you already know
I remember I thought you looked like an angel wrapped in pink so soft and warm
You've had me wrapped around your finger since the day you were born

You beautiful baby from the outside in
Chase your dreams but always know the road that'll lead you home again
Go on, take on this whole world
But to me you know you'll always be, my little girl

When you were in trouble that crooked little smile could melt my heart of stone
Now look at you, I've turned around and you've almost grown
Sometimes you're asleep I whisper "I Love You" in the moonlight at your door
As I walk away, I hear you say, "Daddy Love You More"

Someday, some boy will come and ask me for your hand
But I won't say "yes" to him unless I know, he's the half
That makes you whole, he has a poet's soul, and the heart of a man's man
I know he'll say that he's in love
But between you and me
He won't be good enough

A colleague tagged me to enter this Baby & Daddy Moment contest at D'La Maya.

The above Tim McGraw's song My Little Girl somehow makes me reminicsence of those moments when I was in my confinement and Baby Almira had trouble sleeping and I usually made husband carried her around and sway her softly until she fell asleep.

Or when it's early in the morning and I have to rush to wake up and take my morning shower - and then husband has to sway Baby Almira until she fell asleep. As I walked out of toilet, then I saw both of them sleeping on the bed with Almira hugging her daddy tightly and inside I will go "Awwww".

Yeah I'm awfully corny like that.

Anyway siapa nak join contest ni, beginilah cara-caranya:

1. MESTI follow blog D'La Maya
2. Klik 'LIKE' pada D'La Maya FB page. tidak wajib, tapi satu kelebihan jika klik ;)

3. buat satu entry dan letakkan SEKEPING sahaja gambar baby & daddy. baby mestilah berumur sehari hingga 2 tahun sahaja.
4. pastikan entry anda ada link terus ke entry ini.
5. tag sekurang-kurangnya 3 orang untuk join contest ini.
6. jangan lupa tinggalkan komen penyertaan anda ye.

Ok lupa nak tag orang, tapi inilah dia orang-orangnya:

1. Baby Ibu
2. Nasazfrog
3. Arin


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~daRLee ZuRiS~ said...

ello :)
thanks join ye & best of luck!

Intan said...

thank you cik darlee yang baik hati.ada peluang tak utk menang? nyehehe..

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