Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's The Story, Morning Glory?

The first time I saw promo poster for the movie Morning Glory, I was like "oh nooo..please don't tell me Rachel McAdams is going to end up with Harrison Ford in this movie!". I mean he's practically ancient and she looks too cute as a button to be ending up with an old geezer like him!

Alas, my prayer is sort of answered.

Rachel McAdams is dating somebody else in the movie and Harrison Ford is supposed to be the news anchor that Rachel McAdams looks up to. This movie is actually a romantic comedy, but it does not really focus on the romance, which I found quite refreshing from the usual rom-com.

Basically this movie is about Becky (Rachel McAdams), an executive director who got fired from her morning show. She found a job at another morning show which is not doing too well and faces challenges to up the ratings for the show in order not to be shut down for good. Then there's Harrison Ford who plays news anchor who has won so many accolades that he's supposed to be a legend, but too tough for Becky to handle what's with his diva-esque attitude. But really, I think Harrison Ford's character is quite hillarious and I love seeing him together with Diane Keaton. Now, there's more like his age!

Becky is super sweet yet fierce and determined and she talks real fast!

She fell in love with Adam (Patrick Wilson) who is from the same tv station (and not Harrison Ford, thanks goodness!)

Morning Glory is definitely enjoyable and zany, it's a romantic comedy without being too corny - go watch it! Not sure when's the movie going to be aired in Malaysia though.

My brother downloaded this one. Heheh.

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yatie chomeyl said...

i pun dh tengok. cerita dia OK la, boleh layan. best utk tgk di waktu snatai.

Intan said...

yatie, ha jenis cite kalau nak rilek2 especially lepas kepenatan balik kerja ke mmg sesuweii

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