Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How To Help Your Child's Brain Develop?

Honestly, I'm not exactly too keen on cleaning my office email but since my email nearly burst from overload and I have like 193 uncheck email at last count, I seriously need to spring clean my office email!

All those rummaging through my office's email, I just found that I got this in my email a few weeks ago, and I don't even bother to open that email! How ignorant of me I know, but I thought this forwarded email in how to help your child's brain develop is good for sharing.

How to help your child's brain develop?

1. Keep the television turned off as much as possible

Remember that what we do serves as a role model for our children. We can't really ask our children to stop watching TV if we keep doing it -- that will eventually lead to power struggles. can talk about what you see.

Keep a light on when the TV is going since that will minimize the effects of the reduced field of vision and provide a different light source for the eyes. Try to sit at least 4 feet from the TV.

2. Nature! Nature! Nature!

Nature is the greatest teacher of patience, delayed gratification, reverence, awe and observation. The colours of nature are spectacular and all the senses are stimulated. Many children today think being out in nature is boring, because they are so used to the fast-paced, action-packed images from TV.

3. Pay close attention to your senses and those of your child

We need to surround our children with what is beautiful, what is good and what is true. How a child experiences the world has a tremendous influence on how the child perceives the world as a teenager and adult.

4. Have children use their hands, feet and whole body performing purposeful activities

All the outdoor activities of running, jumping, climbing, and playing jump-rope help develop our children's gross motor skills and pathways in the higher brain. Performing household chores, cooking, baking bread, knitting, woodworking, paper-folding, string games, finger games, circle games, painting, drawing, and colouring help develop fine motor skills and also pathways in the higher brain.

Tapi tengoklah apa kerja kegemaran anakku Husayn ni..

Komputer,komputer,komputer sebab nak layan Youtube video lion dance, Ultraman, Geng Surau dan lain-lain yang sewaktu dengannya..

Siap berheadphone bagai tu sebab malas nak dengar mama dia membebel agaknya...Kehkeh

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