Monday, March 28, 2011

Earth Hour for Baby Almira

It was Baby Almira's first time joining the Earth Hour. Well, some people might say that Erath Hour is really just loads of marketing bullshit, but well I still think it's a good marketing bs because we're trying to save the earth and what better way to educate especially the young ones and the kids but turning off the light for one hour during the Earth Hour.

At first she was confused why would I switch off the light in the room. After all, we have never sleep in the dark since I myself likes sleeping with the lights on! Even the whole family joined the Earth Hour with my mom and dad even did their Isya' Prayer with the lights off.

And this is baby Almira in the total darkness! Seksi pulak butang baju terbukak ambik gambar dalam gelap. Heheh.

I switched of the lights but there is one appliance that I left on - which is the laptop! But I was only using battery that time so no amount of electricity is used during that time, does that counts?

One thing I wonder is, whether crime rate goes up during Earth Hour because most places will be light out during that time and whether this Earth Hour campaign is effective, or is it just a one time thing where you swith off the light during the event only.

Anyway if you are interested to see how other landmarks around the world looks like during Earth Hour from Eiffel Tower in Paris to Sydney Harbour do visit this site:

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