Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The week if you conceive you will have 11/11/11 baby. Serius ni!

Felt like Monday though today is Wednesday. 4 days of break from the office is not good for me since I ended feeling lethargic and in no mood to go the office at all. In fact I feel like staying at home and hiding under the blanket while hugging husband and the kids complete with morning breaths, drool and all.

Definitely blisssss.


By the way did you know that these few days is the perfect time in case you have been aiming to have 11/11/11 baby? Yes, I'm not kidding if you're planning on having the perfect baby with the perfect date now is the time to start working hard up to the 18 February to increase your chance of conceiving! So work those butt off, ladies and gentlemen! Well whatever it is always remember conceiving, births, life and death are all the works of Allah - so don't end up blaming me if you end up giving birth earlier or later.

As for me, no plan for anymore kid this year - must wait until this little princess grow up first lah!


Time flies so fast and she's 7 months ++ already, but sadly husband won't be here when she turns 1 because he will be away for 6 FREAKING MONTHS! He won't even be here during Husayn's birthday or my birthday and maybe during Hari Raya too! *SOB SOB*

Hopefully I'll go through all this with the strength of Perwaja Steel! Gonna blog about Husband leaving later lah - kang nanti ada pulak orang menangis sehingga banjir Lembah Klang ni.Wahaha. Serius sedih especially bila dengan lagu Lykke Li 'Possibility' dan dengar bait-bait ini:

"Know that when you leave
Know that when you leave
By blood and by me you walk like a thief
By blood and by me, and I fall when you leave"

Ok dah la tu, mungkin aku patut dengar lagu Pitbull pulak supaya mood upbeat sikit. Haha. Chow!

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pizli said...

Kau update guna apa Intan? Tak reti nak terbalikkan gambar? Taula anak tu comel..

Intan said...

isk kau ni byk komplen la.wahaha.aku malas sebenarnya. nak suruh sapa yg baca exercise sikit telengkan kepala.kehkeh

Liza said...

tak sempat ler kot, so aim 12/12/12 lak pulak :)

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