Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Kiddos who definitely love me:)

This is Baby Almira. Baby Almira sudah besar and 7 months ++ already! Thankfully she still smells like a baby though her neck usually smells of her sweat but still it's my favourite smell in the morning - definitely like a bantal busuk!

She has started on baby food, usually we give her Nestum and Milna Baby Biscuit - and occassionally we just feed her whatever we are eating, as long as it's suitable lah. Be it seketul nasi or carrots, fruits like apple and banana and this little girl sure loves drinking plain water. Whenever she sees me with plain water she will squeal excitedly.

Almira has also started crawling and we are having a tough time keeping her away from under the sofa and munching away the stairs. Yes, she actually sucks on the stairs like it's some sort of candy or something! Ingat ini rumah Hansel and Gretel kah anakku?

Sometimes she also loves dragging the above monkey around! Well, more like someone strapping the above monkey to her actually. Almira is still breastfeeding and I still pumped milk at the office, but she alternates the breast milk with formula milk at the baby sitter's .

Abang also has a new haircut. The above is his previous haircut, all messy and I think the longer his hair, the naughtier he gets. It's true, because everytime anybody scolded him, he will retaliated back. My mother is one of the victim the other day. She was scolding him for something that he should not do. He retaliated back and said

"eeiiiii.. dia ni! orang nak buat ni pon tak boleh!"

My goodness, Husayn Zharief..

He comes out with lots and lots of reason just because he doesn't want to go to the babysitter every morning. It's either..

"tak sukala pegi rumah mak polis sebab nanti mak polis suruh tido!" *followed by wailing*
"rumah mak polis tu buruk lah!" *when asked why he doesn't want to go
"hari ni kan hari Sabtu..tak payahla pegi!" *when in reality it was during working day

The other day he said "mama...muka mama ni ada virus lah", when the said virus is actually my pimples! And then yesterday he said to me "ee mama ni..mengarutlah!"

His vast vocabulary is definitely making me crazy. Good-lah actually, but still wargh!

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cherie said...

my son dah 6 bulan lbih tp br je pndai proning sendiri, but already can lift up body smpai abdomen la. n yes he is sucking everything under the sun too:)

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