Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Definitely Historical, Sometimes Hysterical Melaka part deux

Day 2 is the last day we spend at Melaka. We woke up and only Husayn was excited about taking bath in the morning since he loves the tub so much. The rest of us (that includes yours truly, Husband and Almira) didn't bother to take bath at all. We opted to have breakfast at a mamak restaurant nearby and the restaurant owner thought that Husayn was a girl and Almira was a boy! Haha funneh.

We went round the Jonker Street area and it was indeed a kind of peaceful morning since there's not many cars or people miling around that area. We found this huge lion dance lion by the roadside and we can't help to stop by and take some pics.

Apparently the nearby building is actually a gym which I assume is owned by the above Mr Universe statue which supposedly a statue of Datuk Wira Gan Boon.

Husband brought us to the nearby riverbank and asked whether we want to ride the boat. But dearest Husayn refused so we ended up walking along the riverbank instead.

Apparently along this riverbank is also where the Melaka LRT is situated.

After that we went to the Banda Hilir area, still without taking bath and Mira still in her sleeping suit. No wonder she ended up sleeping all the way!

It was getting hot at 10 something and we have to attend my cousin's wedding at Cha'ah later that day.

We passed by lots of trishaw but didn't ride one. One thing I notice, a lot of young people are working as trishaw rider and most of the trishaw has music. One trishaw even played Justin Bieber's Baby! And here me being conservative like always keep thinking that all those trishaws only play dangdut! Hehe

We really had a good time holidaying in Melaka and love the old buildings exterior. Wish we got the time to explore Jonker Street though, but since it was on Chinese New Year, only some of the shops were opened.

Hopefully we got to go back to Melaka again next time!

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