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Where to stay in Melaka la dey?

I haven't been to Melaka for like what, aeons ago? I think the last time I went to Melaka was when I was pregnant with Husayn and we stayed at A'Famosa Resort. Nice place, got private swimming pool for each bungalow and I ended up staying in the pool for a few hours despite being 6 months pregnant that time!

And now, thanks to me who are always one step ahead of husband in thinking of places to go, things to do I have successfully force my husband to take leave on February 2 so we can have a holiday, and this will be the first holiday for baby Almira if all goes well, insya Allah! I love February because February means a number of public holiday for employees like moi - the Federal Territory Day, Chinese New Year and Maulidur Rasul.

Holiday in Melaka means staying at a hotel, but which hotel to choose la dey? I want hotel near town, don't want the ones at Ayer Keroh. Here's a few that I have shortlisted:

1. Renaissance Melaka - rate started from RM190 for Government servant. Not sure where exactly is this hotel and dah google but still yet to understand. Haha. 2 days rate is RM440, ok tak?

2. Aldy Hotel, Melaka - First time I saw the description - "red spot area", first thing that came in my mind is the red light district in Amsterdam, boleh? Haha. This hotel is supposedly located near Stadthuys and all those red building area. Twin sharing superior room started from RM160 ++.

3. Jonker Boutique Hotel - situated right smack in Jonker Street and this one of those quaint boutique hotels there, aside from Hotel Puri and Courtyard @Heeren. Rate started from RM198 but worried there would be so much noise from the Jonker Street crowd. After all we'll be at Melaka near Chinese New Year and what if there's lion dance performance there during the night? Memang tak tidur la anak-anakku. Ish.

4. Emperor Hotel - One of the cheapest that I found so far, but not so good review at Trip Advisor. Honestly am not too fussy about hotel as long as it's clean (which include clean bathroom and no stained sheet please..), I'm all ok. Should I choose this over, Renaissance? Still this hotel is one of the cheapest since online rate is Rm256 for two days, superior room with king sized bed wey. Anybody stay here before?

So if anybody of you has experienced Melaka hotels before your advice is very much appreciated! Thankies! Muah muah!

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Arin said...

Byk hotel kat area banda hilir (yg u mentioned atas tu).tp kna buat booking dari skrg coz melaka kalau ph,mmg usually fully booked.

Besides yg u tulis atas tu,u can try puri hotel,heeren@courtyard-ni kat ngn jonker walk.walking distance.

Kalau bdr hilir,blh usha mahkota hotel,holiday inn.walking distance to tourist spot kat banda hilir.

Anyway,buzz me kat my blog/twitter for more info bab makan and such.sadly,my edd beranak on the 4th feb.if not boleh bawak pusing2.

Pink Mama said...

Try Mahkota Hotel. My friends yang dah pernah pergi kata hotel tu ok nd they recommend.

Azmil said...

If you are going during Chinese New Year avoid the town hotels, its really going to be jam. The road especially. If you are not 5 star standards. Try the Air Keroh D village. Its near to the Zoo, Taman Rama-rama, Mini Malaysia and Mini Asian. Just 10 minutes from the Ayer Keroh Toll. Also near to some shopping complex like Mydin and Jaya Jusco.

A Layman's Guide to Melaka

.m.u.n.i.r.a. said...

i baru balik dari Melaka. Stayed kat Budget hotel kat banda hilir!Betul-betul berdepan dengan Dataran Pahlawan.
Even budget hotel, dan bayaran hanya RM 70/room tapi service superb sebab hotel ni baru lagi.
Bilik lengkap dengan katil,tv, hot water plus aircond tapi kecil sket laa if compare to 5 star hotel!
But, dat one tak jadi masalah since most of the time duduk kat luar!balik untuk tidur je!

yang paling best, dekat dengan semua tempat!
Park kereta kat hotel and we all jalan kaki je ke Dataran Pahlawan , dataran pahlawan mall, Jonker Walk dan tempat-tempat menarik sekitar.Yang best dekat dengan Mahkota Parade.
Dan if malam minggu, ada Uptown market kat area situ!

Plus banyak tempat makan di sekitar!
If wanna book, call Nasrul 017-6254765

if wanna try budget hotel yang lain-lain, area situ pun banyak!

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