Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What happened in 2010

2010 is bitterweet.

I got fats - from boobies to tummies, to thighs - gosh, I've been stressing over 'em all!

And then I expanded up until 80kg!

2010 is also my maxi dress year! Never worn a maxi dres before, bought a few when I was pregnant and really looove it!

Been wearing Ayunar scarf inner since I was pregnant and totally in love with it! Now ended up with lotsa colours and love the fact that the inner is switchable/ reversible.

Gave birth to a healthy 3.2kg baby girl via normal delivery at PPUM. Normal delivery, people! Maybe to you it's no big deal, but to me who have undergone c-sect for my first baby, it's definitely one of my proudest moment!

Celebrated Raya at Batu Pahat with two kids in tow

Bought Husayn his first drum set (but he ended up destroying the whole set the following week!)

We only went to Genting for 2010 vacation and we didn't even spend a night.
Workwise, I've never felt so stressful what's with having a nenek lampir as a boss..miahaha.
Blogwise, 2010 was not that good since I very raaaarely update.

Here's praying for an awesome 2011!

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