Monday, January 3, 2011

Random Almira updates

I am absolutely an epic fail when it comes to daily updates during the whole of 2010. I blame work, pregnancy and procrastinating hormones for the non-update but I'm working on it this year, pinky promise:)

Anyway, Almira turned 6 months yesterday with a fever that have been making me sleepless for the past few days. She will sleep for 15 minutes, wake up crying, refuse to breastfeed and wanting to be cuddle instead.

Her eyes which I thought was kinda sepet when she was born, turned out not so sepet after all, but then it doesn't grow as big as her brother either. She's been rolling on her tummy for weeks now and she has also started eating already.

Nothing of course can beat the smell of her neck in the morning. People will say "oi masamnya!" but as the mother I thought it's the best smell in the world and no perfume can even beat that smell! Wish somebody invent some sort of device that can preserve smell. I guess I'm all into this walking down the memory lane thang.

She also has began to recognise people. She will laugh heartily if her babysitter smiles at her but will cringe when my brother carry her around. I guess my brother's muscles are scaring her away. Funny though seeing Almira cries because she will make this mengada-ngada sound and I'm guilty of sometimes letting her cries longer just because I found it so adorable. Haha.

Her favourite way of lulling herself to sleep is of course attaching herself to my boobies, which I can guess is her favourite part of me. A few times she even hold on to my outfit while breastfeeding because she's afraid I will be pulling away.

She has also started moving backwards and this has me worrying to no end because moving backwards means she can move to the end of the bed. I ended up piling a whole lots of pillows at the end of the bed just for safety measure. By the way she also had her 5 months jab the other day and she's now a whopping 7.5kg baby!

Anyway I know it's the 3rd day of New Year, but I hope it's not to late to wish anyone who's reading this happy new year! Here's to all the wonderful days ahead! (gotta think positive u know. Heheh)

4 superstars:

pizli said...

Wah comelnya anak dara kau ni.. Haha.. Macam first time tengok

(sebab kau update gambar dia ntah berapa bulan sekali)

Liza said...

she is 6 months already?? cepatnyer, how time flies....

supermummy said...

pizli, wahaha..anak darakan..jadi kena sorok2 sikit. tak bole over expose sbb tu update gambar dia beberapa bulan sekali.lepas ni tunggu umur setahun baru aku update lagi.hahaha

liza, tu la..i pon tak sangka..time flies so fast..cuma lemak di perut ni je yg tak fly fly away..haha

Ezznaz said...

comel bangat baby Almira nih ...cubit pipi sket!

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