Monday, January 24, 2011

Awesome twosome makes me feel wholesome!

Seriously I want to slap myself silly for being so lazy in updating this blog. Well, even though I don't earn a million ringgit from this blog (gah, not even close!), I do miss my free flowing ideas when I first started this blog.

Life is okaylah, with my kids keeping me happy, not to mention shouting most of the time what's with Husayn kacau-ing Almira and successfully ignoring my shouting and Almira with her rolling around here and there that I have to surrounded the bed with pillows all over to keep her from falling off the bed.

Despite all those shoutings, it's funny seeing these two interacts. Almira will try to grab the iPod from Husayn whenever she could and Husayn will scold Almira back. Husayn will pinch Almira until her cheeks went all red and Almira will pull her brother's hair when he's asleep. Guess what is Almira's favourite toys? Forget those baby toys, Almira will throw those away and squeal excitedly when she sees her brother's toys that range from garbage truck, excavator and blocks!

Seeing Almira cry is also kind of hillarious because she has this manja and over the top mengada voice and sometimes I can't blame Husayn for wanting to pinch his sister because I myself feel like pinching and biting her oversize cheeks most of the time.

Almira has started eating anything that she feels like eating and well, just look at her tummy in the above pic. Well, at least I'm glad she popped out of me with only 3.2kg of her weight. Last time I check she weighed 7.5kg! Honestly my muscles will start protesting furiously if I carry her more than 10 minutes and that's why I bring the stroller everywhere nowadays.

And then at night when I found Husayn hugging his sister of course I go "ololololooooo" since it's just too adorable! I mean after a hard day's work with crazy bitchy boss, when you see your kids all curl up like that, you just sigh with content and start asking yourself "what have I done to deserve these angels in my life?"

Thank you Allah for the blessings.

Awesome twosome?

You betcha!

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zatil said...

chomel nye Almira..suka pipi dia..

supermummy said...

wallcraft, thanks! will check out ur website!

zatil, pipi tu mmg asyik jadi mangsa cubitan dan kadang2 gigitan. heheh..kesian.almira kata thank you auntie..hihi

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

so sweet tgk dua beradik ni...dan Almira mmg comey geram tengok...gegegegeg

Liza said...

yup, you are so right about the awesome twosome...adorable...

supermummy said...

thank you ayu & liza!

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