Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Roaring Dinosaurs at the National Science Centre

Weekend is the best because work sucks and for 5 days a week I feel like a walking zombie dragging my feet all over this building, back bitching my uber bitchy boss who is really the definition of the word idiot but she's too dense to even realise that.

Anyway we went to the National Science Centre in Bukit Kiara on Sunday for the Dino's Alive Exhibition.

Tickets are RM10 for adults but if you are Enrich Malaysia Airlines card member, you get to buy 1 ticket and get 1 complimentary ticket FOC! No charge for kids under 4 years old, so Husayn and Mira can enter at no charge.

It was my first time at the National Science Centre and the place was fully packed!

Hello earthlings! Husayn was actually the one who keep asking "when are we going to Pusat Sains?" over and over because he wanted to see the dinosaurs. But thinking that he was crying and screaming like mad when we he saw the dino at Petrosains the other days, I was expecting he will cry of course.

Husayn in the activity room...

An astronaut in the making!

Pergi Pusat Sains Negara pakai selipar jepun saja anakku ni rupanya!

The dinosaur at the entrance of the exhibition. You have to go to the upper floor to see a whole bunch of other dinosaurs.

And Husayn of course was screaming and crying! Husband was getting tired trying to pujuk him because he absolutely did not want to listen. Husband said "tu bukan dinosaur betul la..tipu-tipu je". But Husayn kept screaming "nak balik! nak balik!"

With Almira it's a different story. She gave the bored look while looking at the dinosaurs and ended up falling asleep. Heesh!

We went to the non-dino exhibition hall and the whole place was absolutely jam packed! There's the kids with rombongan, kids with family, yadda yadda.

All in all, it was a good visit to the National Science Centre. Might go again someday, but not during the jam packed school holiday crowd I hope. :)

Go visit the dinosaurs before they go extinct!

6 superstars:

mummy_ayu said...

wah..dah pegi..ayu pun plan nak pegi..tapi tak jadi..maybe next time...

pizlimw said...

Tapi dia yang ajak pergi kan?

supermummy said...

takpe..lama lagi exhibition ni..i think sampai may next year kot..

aah dia mmg perangai macam tu.nasib baik aku ni ada hikmat kesabaran tahap tertinggi.kehkeh

Zuhaini said...

hehehe... ahad lepas..? saya keje la ahad lepas! aiseh.. kalau tak, leh jumpa.. huhuhu :(

anyway, sabtu n ahad lepas mmg ramai.. sebab ada rombongan terancang..

kalau hari biasa macam hari ini.. tak ramai sangat.. selesa sikit kalau nak jalan2...

suadrif said...

tengok muke husyn dalam gambar2 semue tu macam ade flow~ dari muke sposen ke pade nangis..

plus-> nape banyak gambar die dalam post ni pandang kiri?

supermummy said...

zu, tu la..kalau la pegi lagi, kena pegi time weekday la kot..

aus, wahaha dia mmg suka sangat buat muka seposen yang mencemaskan. wah ayong pon tak perasan byk gamba dia tgk kiri..entahla tatau nape

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