Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Petrosains adventure is not complete without blistered feet

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The school holiday is finally here!

Ok, as if I have school going kids, but well can't help to be excited too. I actually have been secretly planning to bring Husayn and Almira visiting all those places that are actually not far from home but have been neglecting to visit since I usually made us visit shopping mall! I mean places like National Zoo, National Museum (dad used to drag me a lot to National Museum back when I was a little kid!), the nice nice parks like Lake Garden, Planetarium and National Science Centre..gosh I have been living in Klang Valley for ages yet I have never visited most of the places above! Shame on me, so now let's hope the feeling is mutual and Husband will agree to bring us lots there.

So to start off that adventure, off we went to Petrosains KLCC.

Me, Husayn and Almira went to Petrosains with my sister, Acik. She's the best because Husband actually promised to bring us lots there but he 'abandoned' us at the last minute since he has to work! I was kinda pissed but well, luckily there's my sister to save the day. Yippee!

It was my first time going out with both kids without Husband so of course I was nervous! Luckily both of 'em are on their good behaviour and everything went fine.

Husayn was excited to go to Petrosains since the day before. Kept asking to see the dinousar but when he came face to face with the dinousar, he went screaming and crying! Wahaha. Here's the dinosaur saying hi..

One thing I found about Petrosains is the staff is very helpful and soft spoken. When we had to ride the Dark Ride to go inside the place, they help to place the stroller properly inside our ride. They even informed parents who bring their babies and toddlers that they can borrow stroller from Petrosains after their Dark Ride reach the destination.

One of my favourite photos. Who's the real Almira, please stand up?

Supposed to be one of the place for astronauts. Tapi dah macam hantu bungkus pulak aku tengok! Lariii..

But Husayn standing inside the zipped bag is so cute especially with that oversized headphone! He keep saying he wants to be astronaut. I just said "okaaaayy".

They also have this place for kids below 4 years old where they can build and destroy! And here's Husayn forcing Acik to build robot for him.

Husayn pretending to work at the Mission Control Centre. All in all we had a fun day and that place is a kids friendly place and for RM12 for adults and free for kids like Husayn and Almira, I think it's a good bargain. Prepare yourself with good walking shoes though since I myself ended up with blisters on my feet. Yikes!

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KambingBujang said...

I went last weekend with 1 active toddler and cranky baby. lucky that active toddle become so behave and that little girl sleep most of the time.. huhuh. so me and mr hubby quite relief sbb xder la pening2 nk handle dorang ni..

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