Sunday, December 12, 2010

Annual dinner means fun fun all the way

It's nearly the end of the year and it's annual dinner time.

They used to have this lavish do for annual dinner at hotel and even invited Sheila Majid once, but of course jinx is always on my side and for the last two years, annual dinner is held in our office building. Initially I wasn't going to the annual dinner, but somehow my so kind mum has offered to take care of Husayn and Almira while I was away to dinner and there I was!

Those outfits from my anak tudung, tudung, belt, bolero and dress are all bought online a week before and thank goodness everything fits. The theme was turqoise blue, white and silver so that explains why I was in those colours.

I love the white puffy sleeves bolero but I don't really like the fabric of the maxi dress. The maxi dress fabric I think was cotton and I sorta wish it was made from fabric that is flowy so to hide my crazy big thigh that I so loathe! Hihi.

Bersama rakan gossip di ofis iaitu Linda. See what I mean about no flowy dress thingy?

Anyway we had a great time at dinner and after a year of slaving away like crazy (not to mention crazy boss who have too much free time) we really deserve a night of fun.

I guess it's more or less two weeks before New Year! Time flies so fast and I'm with two kids already! Maybe should start thinking about new Year resolution? Or 2011 vacation since we basically stay home this year (jalan-jalan around KL don't really count as vacation. haha) and hey maybe should buy a house already!

4 superstars:

pizlimw said...

Aku kerja kat company skrg dah dekat 5 tahun, tapi tak pernah ada dinner hahah..

supermummy said...

ya ke wey..apala..nama je university oversea tapi takde annual dinner. ko cakap annual dinner tiba2 teringat annual dinner kat imu zaman2 dulu...yg kau menang cabutan bertuah apa tu kan..

pizlimw said...

Itu je satu²nya annual dinner yang aku pernah pergi.. nasib baik menang pocket pc hahah. Oh aku tengah mencari kerja baru secara agresif, masa interview aku nak tanya.. company ni ada annual dinner tak? heheh..

supermummy said...

wahaha annual dinner tu penting untuk kegembiraan selepas setahun bekerja. tapi sekarang aku nakkan kegembiraan bila datang keje seetiap hari. dimanakah dapat dicari kegembiraan itu? kehkeh

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