Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little Miss Peha Mantap and her stroller

It was a hard decision..but I finally relented..

Finally we bought a stroller for Almira!

Miss Peha Mantap relaxing inside her stroller!

Gilalah..I though I can stand carrying her all day long at shopping mall, but two times I've carried her using the carrier, and both times I found myself bleeding period-like. Soooo..we saw this Chicco stroller at Mothercare, and bought it!

But...husband found out that Metrojaya was selling the same stroller at RM80 less! Ruginya! Of course the blame was on me because I was the one who refused to listen to husband who suggested that we survey the whole of The Curve. My husband was of course kept saying.."tu la..tak nak dengar kata suami" which I replied "dah buat macam mana..dah rezeki nak terbeli stroller yang mahal sikit" Hahaha. Though deep inside menyesal jugak!

I also want to relax inside the stroller!

And then, Husayn of course has a tug of war with me because I wanted to put Almira in the stroller. And because I was tired of seeing him cry in the middle of a busy Sunday crowd, I relented and continued baby wearing Almira while her older brother is sleeping in the stroller. Haih.

Align CenterBaju suda matching dengan stroller pulak

So stroller or baby wearing? I'm glad I can do both now!

4 superstars:

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

best ada stroller.. :)

Roppol said...

baby wearing tu senang tak gune? adik aku dok tanye2 hari tu... ko beli kat mane? murah tak?

supermummy said...

ayu, betul..lega tulang2 di badan ni..kehkeh

ropol, baby wearing tu senang kalau laki yang dukung kot..tapi aku tgk ada gak pempuan selamba je mengbaby wearing anaknya..aku larat utk 15 minit pertama je.kehkeh.aku hari tu ada beli ring sling kat sini :
ada satu lagi baby carrier tu makcik aku yg kasi hadiah..tu byk jual kat shopping mall bahagian baby tu

Liza said...

bukan saja mantap, nampak gaya cam tak leh duduk diam jer, very cute and adorable

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