Sunday, November 14, 2010

I hate Air Asia

Free Seats my ass...aaaaaaaaaaaaa

I really hate Air Asia.

Well, actually I really hate the fact that I don't get to book air tickets during this Free Seats promotion thingy! The promo started on 9 November and I was patiently waiting for the clock to struck 12 midnight so I can book tickets to somewhere. Only thing is I don't know where I'm going and I'm just aiming for the best offer that I could get.

So I was thinking that aim would be Indonesia since I have never been there.. *ok lame me, so wth* So I was clicking furiously for Bandung and Jakarta but still can't decide so I said to myself "takpela..try esok la pulak". On the 10th I tried again, and suddenly made up my mind to go to Bandung. Saw a few free seats, tried booking and walla...why the heck it got stuck during payment? My credit card status read "payment= pending".

What payment pending oi? I pay my credit card bills on time every month tau!

3 times I tried and managed to go until the payment page but status still pending. I was totally cursing okay because the tickets cost only RM175 return air tickets for me, Husband, Husayn and Baby Almira.

Not willing to let go the Free Tickers promo easily, I tried using my mobile. But the problem persisted and well, I got frustrated and let it go lah.

Why Air Asia? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? You give me false hope you know.

By the way what's with Malaysia Airlines and their global sale promo? 'Accidentally' the same time like the Air Asia seat promo? Hihi..all this airlines rivalry amuse me.

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sWeEtdARLiNG said...

ahahha.. i pun try tp since anak2 dah sekolah so kena choose date yang cuti sekolah ajer which is only on Sept 2011 or Dec 2011.. both month sold out!

sWeEtdARLiNG said...

p/s: nak mintak tolong re-install
link sw33tdarling kat ur bloglink.
ada error laa, update entry tak naik
sebab tukar nama blog. TQ!

KambingBujang said...

aah mmg problem skit time nak wat payment. payment using credict card ada extra I'm using maybank debit card..smooth jer..within 20minutes, dah settle semua..

Liza said...

this is when the murphy's law work their best. mmg aim to get the seats gak but tertidur ler pulak. btw, MAS Sale tak murah sgt pun, still on the high side

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