Thursday, November 4, 2010

Growing Up with Dutch Lady Kid and School Milk

Husayn is now already 3 years old and he will turns 4 next April. I breastfed him until he was exactly 3 years old and then I continued with Dutch Lady with Honey 1 - 3. Everytime we travel we have to lug the milk around and feed him whenever he wants to. Lugging the milk means one more extra bag since the milk is placed inside the milk container which is kinda big, not to mention the extra hot water and plain water that we have to carry around!

And then Husayn found this:

The brand new Dutch Lady Kid and School Milk! The first ever age specific nutrition for UHT Milk!

Dutch Lady Kid is made specially for 1 - 6 year old kid and the milk is packed in really cute size (in the above pic it's the shorter pack) and it comes in 3 flavours - Full Cream, Strawberry and Chocolate. I really love the packaging because this means I can bring the milk carton everywhere!

Husayn having a taste of Dutch Lady School Milk. If your kid is school going kids aged between 6 - 12 yeard old, then the Dutch lady School range is perfect for you! No need to worry if your kid don't get enough nutrition because now you can pack the milk to school too.

Almira was watching his brother drinking the milk and she was droooooling all over! Tunggu tahun depan ya little miss peha mantap baru boleh minum Dutch Lady Kid.

Husayn's favourite is of course the Chocolate flavoured Dutch Lady Kid. This Dutch Lady Kid is just perfect for Husayn since it's for 1 - 6 years old kid. He so loooves the milk and ended up finishing the milk in 3 big slurpp!

To find out more visit or follow Dutch Lady Facebook.

Until then, spread the goodness of milk everywhere!

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Bagusnyaaa... Terima kasih Intan bagitau, kalau tak saya tak tau..

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