Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunat baby girl

What a weekend! My uncle and auntie has jetted off to do their Haji, my mom is staying at kampung to teman my nyai, and Manchester United won 2-1 over Stoke City! So just realised that all those words actually rhymes.

Yesterday we sent Almira for her circumcision at Pusrawi. I've been searching high and low for the perfect place to circumcise her and alhamdulillah, everything went well. Honestly I was getting tired of googling "sunat baby girl" when I don't get much info regarding where to actually do it.

Almira waiting nervously outside the doctor's room

The process was quite fast and Almira cried a little bit, but not as loud as when she goes for her usual immunisation jab. The doctor selawat a few times and asked me to hold Almira. I don't even dare to look what she actually did to sunat her. But seeing Almira all happy and big laugh after that, I just assume it doesn't really hurt.

We paid RM50 and for your info Pusrawi Kota Damansara only accept cash. They even put up this sign that they only accept cash. Don't know why lah. If you want more info regarding hukum for baby girl's circumcision, I think this website has good info.

After that, we went to The Gardens and Midvalley since I've been meaning to buy my work clothes and visit MAPEX 2010. But in the end I only got a pair of pants and we have to rush out of MAPEX because both kids started crying and bawling! How on earth am I going to shop for work clothes I don't know. Have to take one day leave kot? Haha.

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Just said...

RM50 jer?? murah plak kan.. hmm.. tgh consider gak nk wat kat my Ryanna..

Liza said...

my 2 girls cried for few seconds, then ok...alhamdulilah, it was a smooth experience

f2367666-7412-11e0-8a63-000bcdcb2996 said...

this is sooo fucked up. if you paid attention to yourself and your children -- truly looked at them with an open heart filled with love that is available for sharing, true open loving communication ((yes this can be done with a newborn, infant, toddler, etc)) then you wouldnt have had her circumcised. YOU MUTILATED HER GENITALS. ITS HER FUCKING CHOICE. NOT YOURS.

sweeneysindigo said...

I am devastated for your daughter. I apologize to her for your actions. How can you think that you did something good for her by cutting your child? I pray for her...and you.

Debt said...
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Whole Freedom said...

Circumcision is not required by Islam. Please read up on it. Thanks.
Sunat tidak diperlukan oleh Islam. Sila membaca tentang itu. Terima kasih.

auntiepatricia said...

i hope she won't hate you. i hated my mom for having me cut.

Frustated Adoptee said...

If anybody who condemns you does not fight against removing the prepuce of boys as well, then they are hypocrites.

The clitoral hood (which I presume is what was removed) has far fewer nerve endings than the male foreskin. I cannot speak to the sexual damage (I flinch at the thought of having mine uncovered, me who has been voluntarily pierced there as an adult), but I do wish people would allow their children to grow up & make these choices as adults. If it is indeed a free country, then we must be free to make these choices ourselves, not foist them upon the defenseless.

May I ask a question, Intan? (You may certainly refrain from answering for your privacy, but I am curious.) Have you been altered by sunat as well?

In my family it is different- my children's father has been cut & is very angry that such a thing should have been done to him without his consent (and as most Western women are not cut, so am I not- I am so sorry, Auntie Pat); and we were adamant to not perpetuate this upon any more generations of children.

Yes, it is in his Holy Book, but so is slavery allowed, & we no longer allow this practice. Surely our children deserve as much protection as enslaved peoples?

Anyway, good day, & I hope to hear from you. It is an interesting blog and I hope to try some recipes for my Malay friend.

consult4 said...

"Circumcision is not required by Islam."

Maybe not, but it sure is ACCEPTED by Islam..Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world and 97% of the women there are circumcised.

THAT speaks volumes--and louder than empty words.

Hannah said...

Wow! What country do you live in! It's a federal offense to cut parts of babies where I live (well, the female ones at least).

Seriously? said...

What a lovely story. You are a great mommy. My mommy had me circumcised when I was 12. I was infibulated (everything was cut off and I was sown up). I screamed and cried a lot. It was the most painful thing imaginable. I hated my mommy at the time, but now I'm happily married, and I love my husband so much and I can't pleasure myself, so my love is even greater. I am so thankful for what my mommy did. I love her so much more now.

Love and hugs.


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