Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not Bieber Fever, more like Husayn Fever

Everytime Husayn came down with fever, I would plead with Him to make the fever go away faster. After all, he's just a kid and I just can't bear watching him suffering.

It's been months or maybe it's even a year, but I can't remember when was the last time Husayn was down with fever. Initially he was coughing, the next day he was suddenly down with fever.

Taking care of Husayn when he's down with fever is one heck of a battle. He refused to take his medicine, he keep asking me why he has to makan this ubat and got extra clingy. Then, there's the constant merengek which usually drives me nuts after a while and I ended up yelling at him. Oh, he got physical too, kicking and hitting me everytime I tried to put on the Kool Fever on him.

When he fell asleep I usually feel guilty and ended up kissing and hugging him to sleep. Almira on the other hand will just give her brother this long look that said "ish dia ni..asyik nangis je". Haha.

He's getting better now and I hope he will completely recover as soon as possible and hopefully Almira will not be down with fever as well. But I think it's too late to wish for that since I just heard Almira phlegm laden cough!

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Liza said...

hope the kids are feeling better, even my youngest pun under the weather...

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