Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kampung Parit Semarang

We went back to my kampung in Batu Pahat again last week because my uncle and auntie is going to Makkah for Haji. They were having this kenduri for their pilgrimage and at the same time open house for Hari Raya! Well, Syawal actually has passed but what the heck! Open house means food, and food of course means lots of people!

See the khemah at the background? I thought all those khemah makes me reminisce my wedding day!

Despite the abundance of food which range from kambing, satay, roti canai, cendol and lots lots more, Husayn refused to eat. Of course he prefers playing with his uncles!

And Almira was down with fever, flu and cough that time, so of course I have to refrain from drinking anything with ice and the cendol! *sob*sob*

Luckily Almira is not as fussy as Husayn when she's down with fever. She drink less milk at the babysitter's though, but if at home, her mouth is totally attached at my boobies!

Husayn of course loves the kampung since there's so much space to run around and so many chickens to chase around too! By the way the above parit is where I used to bathe a lot back during my primary school days! I remember being yelled at by mom (which is a lot of time actually!) because I refused to get out of the parit. No wonder I yell a lot at Husayn too! Haha.

And then there's my husband! Haven't been seeing him much in this blog nowadays. Must be me concentrating on Husayn and Almira. Heheh.

Happy weekend!

2 superstars:

Liza said...

you are from batu pahat too? my better half is also from batu pahat, parit raja to be exact

supermummy said...

liza..ha my kampung kat parit raja jugak! tp dia sebenarnya in between parit raja and air hitam.

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