Sunday, October 24, 2010

The best web hosting

Looking around for the best web hosting?

Well, if you Google web hosting, there are countless choices that are available but how do you know the web hosting company that you have chosen is the perfect one for you? As for me, I'm always on the lookout for something that is good with lots of benefits (and some freebies too!) but cost less. I mean why waste good money when you can get something that gives you more at less price?

And this is where the Web Hosting Rating comes in.

You can view the best 10 cheap web hosts 2010 here and search for host catalog from around the world! From the cheapest web hosting or whichever hosting type you prefer, just select to your preference and voila, you can search for the best web host for you without getting lost in the Google maze.

And if you have your own web hosting company you can also submit your company's details to be listed in here!

Now, maybe it's time for Malaysian Supermummy to reside in its own web host?

4 superstars:

Liza said...

that's one of my aspiration, cuma skrg rasa mcm tak layak lagik nak ada sendiri

supermummy said...

liza, tu la..for me sayang gak sebenarnya kalau nak ada dot com sendiri sbb blog ni PR pon ok la..kalau ada dot com mesti nak kena start from scratch. tu yg malas tu! kehkeh

thesslstore said...

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gaurav11 said...

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