Monday, September 6, 2010

Raya shopping at Midvalley is awesome!

Our weekend was kinda dahsyat (that's the word Husayn loves to use when he plays games on ipod!) since we had unplanned overnight stay at Cititel Midvalley. Mind you, we didn't even pay for the room, we just crashed into my auntie's room and it was a riot! And that auntie of mine who rented the room actually only lives like 15 minutes from Midvalley! Haha.

It started when my auntie invited me and the whole bunch to go for iftar at Midvalley. I was excited of course because I haven't been to any buka puasa outside the house this year, not to mention I've been holed up in the house for days it's making me edgy. Husband was reluctant at first, but somehow suddenly on a that bright, sunny Saturday afternoon we decided to go.

We had our iftar at Delicious Midvalley and we had our scrumptious meal, and that was fun fun!
Around 9 something that night we went Hari Raya shopping in Midvalley. Good thing of having a room at Cititel is I can leave Husband in the room with Husayn while I went shopping with Almira who fell asleep as soon as I enter Jusco. Bagus anak mama. Haha.

Almira - view from the baby wearer which is yours truly lah

Oh and imagine the below family packed in two standard sized hotel rooms?

It was downright havoc with the boys shouting and playing since the two rooms are connected. But we all slept soundly at night even though my cousin had his head glued to the mini bar door.

Husayn flanked by his uncles

We had a jolly good time and lots of shopping bags too! Nobody told me that sleeping in a hotel with an adjoined shopping mall is this awesome! So I guess my Raya shopping is already complete though I think if I go to shopping mall any day before Raya, I sure will buy something jugak.So how's your Raya shopping?

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Liza said...

good idea, i may want to try this next year..convinient right?

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