Thursday, September 2, 2010

Online Tutoring with TutorVista

I've always hated Math and I've never bothered to really study to improve my Math. Did you know I once got 4/100 in my Add Math exam during secondary school? Yep, the horrible 4%! I don't even know how my parents tolerate with me.Haha.

But of course those were like 12,13 years ago (now I'm feeling ancient already!) and back then we don't have Pre Algebra online help to turn to. If we have this back then, I would have known how to divide properly, I would have done my algebra equations right everytime the questions popped up in the exam paper, I would have understand what on earth is standard form, and hey I would have excel when it comes to those slope formula that I so dread about!

Oh and did I tell you that you also will be guided on how to solve your Math word problems and got to do Math practice test online? Yep, it's that awesome!

Well I guess online tutoring really rocks!

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