Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The long overdue Hari Raya post

I've been meaning to post some Raya pics as soon as I got back from kampung last week. But of course being a big time procrastinator, I keep postponing it until today. I really meant to post this last night actually but I fell asleep while nenen-ing Almira. First day of work after spending 2 and a half months at home will really do this to you..tired,oi! So the Raya pics, here it is.

My mother on the left with my auntie who came all the way from Alor Setaq making the lepat pisang. Mak saya kata nak tau siapa yang buat lepas pisang tu, tengokla saiznya. Kalau gemuk gemuk lepat pisangnya, gemukla orang yg buat tu. Kalau kecik je, kurus je la tuannya. LOL!

My father and Husayn looking amazed at my mother and auntie kot. Haha. Husayn has been forcing people to dukung him and bring him to the lorries near my nyai's house. Yes, we are Jawa so we call our grandmother nyai.

I don't even know my father also joined the bunga api and mercun playing group in front of the house until I see this pic!

Me, Husayn and Almira on the morning of Hari Raya. Best Hari Raya sebab dapat duit Raya banyak! And that includes me and Husband too! Yippeeee!

Bergambar dengan imam muda - that's what my sister said. Wahaha. Husband was super picky and couldn't find any baju melayu to suit his liking the day before raya. So he ended up with this jubah which my mom bought for him.

My father, mother, sisters, brother, husband. One brother is missing though since he's far away in Egpyt. We miss you Wak Witon!

This year's raya is also Almira's first Hari Raya. Guess what she did?

Sleeping at home sampai kain dalam pun nampak. Haha.

Sleeping on the 2nd day of Raya while we went Hari Raya-ing to my father's kampung. Some relatives even said that "senangnya jaga baby ni..tidur je.." Haha. My sister said Almira ni pandai berlakon je sebab depan orang tidur. Kat rumah malam2 suka bangun tak mau tido. Haha.

And sleep again on the third day of Hari Raya sampai nampak diapers pulak. Haha.

It was a good Hari Raya since this year I got to spend first day of Raya at my kampung and everybody is there so we got to kecoh kecoh days and days long!

And now it's back to work after 2 and a half months of staying at home. Pffft!

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