Friday, October 1, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

One of my favourite iPhone app is this one:

It's the Free Menstrual Calendar apps! Men might not care or understand, but having a Free Menstrual Calendar is absolutely essential for women especially me because I'm one forgetful person.

Did you know I actually plan for my baby using this app? Here's how:

I just enter my last period and cycle length to get started. The calendar will then display your predicted period starts days so you can know when is you most fertile and plan for a baby of course! 2 months after using the above apps, I actually found myself with baby Almira growing inside me!

9 months after that, she popped out!

I also found out I'm not the only one who use iPhone apps to get pregnant. Apparently this British woman has the same story too! Oh, and did I tell you the above iPhone app is absolutely free?

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