Friday, October 1, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Why I want an iPhone 4?

Hello, it's an iPhone4! People actually camped for days outside Apple store to be first in line to buy this 'it' phone.

To be one of the earliest to own that very iPhone 4 would be absolutely awesome. People look at you differently. Suddenly everybody want to be your friends and touch your iPhone. Every time you pass by, heads will turn and they will whisper enviously ogling at your iPhone 4.
And if you are like me who love to stuck my phone inside my jeans' back pocket, then iPhone 4 is certainly perfect because it's the world's thinnest smartphone! Hey, most importantly, it won't make my butt looks unnecessarily bigger when I stuck the phone inside my pocket!

Of course iPhone 4 is groundbreaking. Don't let the slim look of the iPhone fool you. Did you know that the same type of glass used in iPhone 4 is the very same type that is used in the windshields of helicopters and high speed trains?
Ultra durable- check, scratch resistant- check.
Which means it's perfect for klutzy people like me who always found herself dropping her own phone 'accidentally' consistently!

Digi is super awesome because they have the most affordable plan for iPhone4! That certainly will not make me sweat in nervousness and burn a hole in my pocket everytime I have to pay my phone bill. Hey, money don't grow on trees and I'm kinda particular in terms of money saving so the best iPhone 4 plan is absolutely essential for me!

Besides that owning an iPhone 4 also means you can download as many iPhone apps as you wish! There are apps for almost every interest and every needs. There's the social apps like Facebook and Twitter so you can always contact your friends anywhere, currency converter apps that is absolutely essential when travelling, flashlight apps that is useful when the lights go out, and hey there's even ruler apps so you can use iPhone 4 as a ruler. How cool is that?

With Digi affordable plan and incredibly useful apps, iPhone 4 is absolutely life saving!

I am a blogger so of course I know all about camwhoring. I know that word must sounds kinda inappropriate since this is supposed to be a mommy blog, but hey it's a famous term in the blogging world! Do you know how hard it is to take picture of yourself by yourself? That's why I somehow only got half part of me in the above pic when it's supposed to be differently. No more weird angle shots where I found only some part of my face is snapped.

Iphone 4 new feature lets you shoot self-portrait with the front camera!

So why I want an iPhone 4 again?

It's just the coolest gadget ever and with Digi, you can be sure that the most affordable plan is here!

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