Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 16: Someone or something I definitely could live without

It's a tad late, but hey Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia! Anyway, I just realised my 60 days materity leave is over already but thanks to my annual leave, I will only start work on the 20th! Yay!

So it's day 16 of 30 days of truth and what's someone or something that I definitely could live without?

Well, I could live without a watch strapped on my wrist. Honestly a few years ago, I thought I couldn't. I remember once my friend, Ropol remarked that "kalau tak pakai jam macam tak pakai sependa rasanya.." and I thought I was like that too! But somehow my watch went kaput, and after that I have never wear any watch again. It felt weird at first but then you just get used to it. After all who needs watch when you have handphone kan! Hihi.

Enough of 30 days of truth, so how was your Merdeka celebration yesterday? Did you go to Stadium Putra, or watch the live telecast of the celebration on tv, or did you just sleep the whole morning just like my husband did? Hehe. I actually watched the live telecast while most people in the house is sleeping! Anyway my favourite part was of course the abang askar part. Haha. I actually waited for their performance every year. Hihi.

By the way, I'm one of the featured bloggers at Mamababyworld! They've already uploaded my first blog entry so do go there to read ya! Oh and go check 'em out for everything motherhood!

p/s:tiba-tiba tertengok gambar ni dan rasa macam sedapnyaaa.tataula kenapa ramadhan kali ni rasa letih melampau dan dehydrated sangat. Saya mensyaki ini adalah kerana fungsi saya sebagai kilang susu Almira dan cuaca yang panas.Asyik kira waktu bilalah nak berbuka, melampau kan? Kalah budak kecik yang baru nak belajar puasa. Haha.

2 superstars:

Roppol said...

tapi aku rasa skrg ni handphone lagi penting dari jam lah lat...

rasa mcm tak pakai spenda kalau takde handphone... tukar dah hehehe

supermummy said...

haaa betul2..aku pon rasa begitu.kehkeh

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