Monday, September 27, 2010

Almira, stroller and babywearing

Hi this is Almira in all her pink glory!

We had a super full weekend because we have been indulging in too much food.

But I have Almira to thank for because she helps to consume those goodielicious rendangs, nasi impit, cream caramel and lots lots more foodies so yours truly can stay slim by breastfeeding all the time? Haha..apparently not because I think my tummy is getting bigger. Yikes!

Went to my Auntie's house on Saturday night, and ended up spending overnight and just got back last night. So what did we do? We eat, we sleep, we watch tv, we eat, we sleep, we watch tv, we eat, we sleep, we watch tv. I'm sure to have a heart attack once I check my weight!

Sleep tight after having too much food! By the way Husayn loves to hold Almira like the above while he's asleep. Manala saya tak menjerit sebab habis ditonyoh tonyoh pipi si Almira ni. Isk.

My latest blog post is now up on Mamababyworld. This week's title is Stroller vs babywearing. Here's some snippets:

When I was pregnant with my eldest, Husayn, I saw lots of parents bringing their babies to shopping malls by safely tucking them in their strollers. I thought it would be nice to own one too since it would be easy to put him inside the stroller while I go shopping. And so I bought one. ...

To read more click here.

So which one are you? Stroller totting mommy or babywearing mama? Do leave comments ya at Mamababyworld! By the way where have all the comments gone here? I've been boring you all to death ya with my rantings? Not going to paksa you all to comment lah, tapi I was just wondering because the traffic has been the usual..that's all.

Well, whatever it is happy monday!

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Liza said...

she is adorable...kalau jumpa rasa nak picit2, patut ler si abang geram

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