Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Take my laptop away so I can stop ordering from those online shops and save some money dammit!

Having a baby girl is driving me crazy - with clothes that's it. I mean Almira is not even 2 months old but the urge to buy her all those gorgeous dresses keep bombarding my poor head. Somehow everytime we go out to the mall (3 times to the mall already since I'm in my pantang.hihi) every little dress and skirts look gorgeous. I don't think I even going to dress her in jeans anytime soon! Haha.

Almira in one of her more feminine outfit. I heart all 'em bows and ruffles!

I really tried to block my head from keep thinkin about 'em dresses, though I admit I'm guilty in buying a's for Hari Raya after all! when I go home and I sit in front of my lappy, I'll start browsing through all those kids online shops and then I saw those super cute tights and prewalker shoes and I go gaga already. I even begged husband to buy tights for Almira when he made the trip to a certain baby shop and thankfully, he did!

The other day I went to somebody's blog and saw her kid was wearing this crochet hat and then I ended up ordering crochet hat for Almira! Someone really need to stop me with all this craziness! Oh and did I tell you I also got Almira who will be barely 2 months old during Hari Raya a real cute baju kurung? I cannot resist lah, so shoot me.Haha.

This is Almira's baju kurung..nice kannnn.haha

And then somehow I just realised I have been neglecting Husayn in terms of baju raya since I keep buying for Almira. Takpe, this weekend we go to the mall again okay (and pray that I really buy something for Husayn instead of salivating over those baby girls' outfit.) Salam Ramadhan to all my muslim readers! Don't be like me who go crazy shopping here and there. I even feel kinda embarassed because everyday there's Pos Laju parcel for me thanks to my online shopping tendencies. My dad (who usually go out and sign the parcels for me) must think that his daughter has been spending money like there's no tomorrow. Which actually is kinda true. Now i wish I make more money *sigh*

3 superstars:

pizlimw said...

Bila ada baby girl ni kau akan layan dia macam patung barbie tu hehe.. Nak dress up kan dia je..

supermummy said...

haha aku tak pernah ada barbie doll masa kecik tau.hahah.

m@Ri@ said...

baby gurl mmg bahaya..mcm2 ada jual aksesori la..baju la..semua lawa2..bahaya2..

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