Monday, August 16, 2010

Of breastfeeding and my first day of fasting

Taking a break from the 30 days challenge and wahey, it's my first day puasa today and I'm trying to keep myself busy by blogging..boleh? I breastfed Almira 2 times this morning and pumped once.

Got 4oz ++ and I'm definitely grateful though I feel dehydrated like mad here but I try not to think too much about it. The best sound in the world for me right now is the sound of my milk being pumped trickling into the bottle. I used to drive myself mad thinking about 'will this milk be enough for today' when I was breastfeeding Husayn. So this time, I started early doing this:

Yes people, that is my expressed breast milk, all cramped up in my mother's fridge. Sooner or later my mother will not be too chuffed when she finds out she can't even fit her ikan and ayam anymore because I will stuff the fridge with my breast milk. Hihihi.

Almira is already 5kg! She got her first injection at 6 weeks last week and alhamdulillah no fever whatsoever. Only thing with Almira is the last few days she has this new routine of waking up at 3 in the morning not because she's hungry for some boobies milk, but because she wants to be dukung-ed everywhere! Letih mak ni..

She sleeps soundly during the day and when we tried to kacau her so she wakes up, she will just ignore us and continue sleeping - which makes me a little bit annoyed, because that means more sleepless night spending carrying her around!

Anyway I'll be fully at home during this Ramadan since I have applied for additional leave until after Raya. So everyday also can wake up at 10am and not be stuck in the Ramadan traffic! Yay!

Ok sepatutnya kena kata alhamdulillah. Hohoho. By the way Horlicks is definitely awesome to make you produce more breast milk! (eh tetibe pulak.haha)

3 superstars:

Roppol said...

wow hebatnye hasil simpanan susu kau! eh nanti bile nak gune kasi susu sejuk ke? atau kene biar sampai room temperature... saje nk tau.. takde experience hehehe

supermummy said...

pol..aku nyah bekukan dulu..pastu rendam botol tu kat air suam supaya susunya panas sebenarnya bukan aku la buat. babysitter buat.

KambingBujang said...

dat wat happened to my MIL fridge, penuh ngn EBM Widad. bler dah blk umh sdn, I still ltk EBM kat fridge dier.

nasib deir ader 2 fridge and 1 freezer. so aper lagi, mmg weekend jer, I akan pg umh dier semata2 tuk anta susu..huhuhuh

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